With her intuitiveness, cultural sensitivity, and background as an educator, resource teacher, and curriculum developer, Kaʻimiloa assists in designing customized programs. She is a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Iota Chapter for Key Women Educators. She was recognized by the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and was elected by her peers to be recipient of the Hawaiʻi State Teachers Association Award.

Kaʻimiloa developed the Commander Lecture Series in partnership with Major General James Dubik of the 25th Infantry (Light), United States Army, Schofield, Hawaiʻi. The program provided transitional experiences in cultural sensitivity and awareness of Hawaiʻi’s history, traditions, values, and spirituality to offers and their families. Other programs developed were Hoʻopili ʻOhana, Strengthening the Family, Wahi Pilialoha, A Place of Bonding and Friendship, and the ʻIke Aloha Series.

With workshops as the Alana Iʻo, Truth Awakened series and ʻOia e Mahalo Loaʻa, Gratifying Truth, she continues to share knowledge of faith, spirit, inner strength and healing. She coordinates/participates in projects with unique friends as E Hoʻomana Mai Ola, Friends of Kūkaniloko; Cultural Visionary/Composer/Musician Leiʻohu Ryder; and M.O.A. Hawaiʻi – Nā ʻOhana Piha i Ke Aloha.

Kaʻimiloa has been a conduit of reawakening messages from the universal spirit, unique spirit guides, stars and sea creatures. Prayers to the four corners of the wind Nā Makani ʻEhā, crystals, chanting, music, and movement vibrations are significant to assist in the realignment of our atmosphere, humanity, and all life – our ʻāina (land) and the kai or moana (sea).

Kaʻimiloa created and directed the 1st Annual Aloha Now, Global Celebration of Peace event and concert held at Sea Life Park, Kaupō, Waimānalo, Hawaiʻi on September 5, 2009. More than 900 people were present to honor and celebrate love, healing, and peace and global harmony to our sea creatures. She also produced the Aloha Now, Celebration of Kauwela – Summer Solstice on July 20, 2010. A sunrise ceremony and gathering was held on Kailua Beach. Oli Kahea Pukana Lā ʻIke Ke Akua e Pele – a call to the sunrise, acknowledging God/Creator and Pele, Goddess of Mother Earth/Gaia. With oli/chanting, mele/music, hula/dancing, and meditation; prayers and affirmations were dedicated to spiritual growth healing, abundant gratitude, personal and world harmony/peace. Blessings continued as doors opened to do ceremonial protocols in Puna, Hawaiʻi at Kapōkohelele. The beauty and essence of Pele’s blessings will forever be imprinted within the piko and puʻuwai – the center of life and hearts – of those who participated.