Home Blessings for Joe Lee

Mountain Edge, Nevada, January 16, 2013

Joe Lee and I have known each other since the early 1990s. We met as Educators for the Department of Education, Central District. Throughout the years our professional relationship grew into a unique and special friendship. As spiritual and cultural visionaries, we spoke endlessly of our life purpose. We always acknowledged our faith in Akua, our God or Universal Creator, our guardians and angel guides. It was a connection into our indigenous and cultural perspectives and mythological heritages. All, of which reawakened the spiritual and emotional growth into our understanding and knowing of truth and unconditional love. The oneness in all that is.  Another friend, Stella Shido and I visited Joe in his new home.  I was honored to do a ho‘ola‘a, a blessing protocol bringing to light all that is. From his ancestral heritages in Hawai‘i, we acknowledged Joe’s new home and presence in the Nevada desert. It was a glorious time of awakening the essence of his being and spiritual history of his Akashic Record in the desert.  (*Akashic Record (Sanskrit for sky, space or aether.): A dimension of consciousness and mystical knowledge that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.)

As we were leaving his home on the morning of the blessing, I decided to take pictures. What we experienced is what we call in Hawai‘i, a ho‘ailona, or a sign from God; ancestors/angel guides.” Signs that say, “We are here, we have heard you, we accept and join in your prayers and blessings.” There in the pictures, spirit appears.


*Special Note:  The final outcome of this picture is what you see.  As I showed Joe & Stella Shido the picture in my iPhone, the rays of the orb (celestial body) blessed us by visually growing before our eyes, increasing in its length, defined rays and eventual colors of the rainbow within the rays.


Haku Mana’o (Written Wisdom)

In acknowledging and accepting the universal light and guidance of our  creator, ancestors, angels,  guides… within our hearts, they return their TRUTH and LOVE , validating their presence. Believe…..

*All photos by Ka‘imiloa Dahang and Stella Shido.  ©