Kahu S. Kaʻimiloa Dahang

Kaʻimiloa was born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. She has been a clairvoyant, clairaudient (hearing/listening), and clairsentient (feeling/touching) since childhood. As a visionary, Kaʻimiloa has been able to assist people with events of the past by connecting individuals with their guides and ancestors. Using her gifts of perceptions and sensitivity, she is a kahu, an indigenous practitioner of protocols and traditions. She uses a style of hoʻopononopono hoʻolaʻa, a Hawaiian blessing and process bringing in the universal light to assist in energetic cleansing and making right. She has assisted in the healing of individuals, families-groups, animals-sea creatures, and the environment.

She has been a consultant, organizer, facilitator, and participant for various protocol ceremonies around the world. She has studied and shared cultural traditions and practices in Hawaiʻi, nationally, and in countries such as Indonesia, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tahiti, Marquesas, Japan, Canada, Germany, India, and the Philippines. Kaʻimiloa also participates in combined services of blessings with other organizations and denominations.

Formally with the Hawaiʻi Institute of Healing Arts, Kaʻimiloa is founder and kahu (keeper of traditions) of Nā Makani ʻEhā, The Four Winds, and is an ordained kahu (minister) with ʻOihana Nā Wahi a Pau, Universal Ministries. Kaʻimiloa does energetic clearings and blessings. She is a conduit and naturally directs energy to heal through visualization and the laying of hands. To further study energy movement, she obtained her first degree reiki from Master Maureen Puaʻena OʻShaughnnessy and second degree reiki from Master SaEeda King. In May of 2002, she received her ohikari pendant from the Mokichi Okada Association (M.O.A.) in the art of jorei, the movement of energy as a means of holistic healing. She is currently certified in the Okada Purifying Therapy, M.O.A. Hawaiʻi, Nā ʻOhana Piha i ke Aloha … Families Filled with Beauty.

In July 2007, Kaʻimloa was invited to the Oneness University at Golden City, India by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, Avatars of the Oneness Blessings in Golden City, So. India. She participated in the 14 days Deeksha process and learned meditations and spiritual expressions of oneness and harmony by the Dasas (monks). She has been initiated to facilitate Deeksha.

In her journey to replenish Mother Earth and the environment on all levels, she has volunteered in the efforts of Kahoʻolawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) working and organizing high school work groups. She is currently involved in planting native koa trees along the Hāmākua slopes of Maunakea and supporting land restoration efforts of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods.

The universal call has led her to assist in the transitioning and support of our gifted youth, also known as rainbow/crystal children, children of Dumaris, children of the sun, etc. In recent experiences with the energies of Pele, Kaʻimiloa is acknowledging a new breath of AloHA in realignments at various levels to assist these unique children of all ages. Knowledge is being reawakened to create new venues of re-energizing and refurbishing the world grids and the energies (mana) needed to live in the “AloHA Pele” – Pele’s breath of life and spiritual sustenance for humanity.

Kaʻimiloa was recently one of several selected to participate in sharing her ʻōlelo and manaʻo – stories and knowledge in the 2013 Messages of Peace from Hawaiʻi, sponsored by Worth Grace Media and the Hawaiʻi Wellness and Health magazine.

The journey continues …